2015 Headache and neck pain for over two decades

My problems started when I fell off a horse in 1991 and injure my neck. I started having neck pain now and then after this fall. In 1994 while reaching up for some files, I felt a click in my neck and my pain became much worse. It was so bad I was bedridden for one year after this incident and whenever I was out of bed I wore a collar. Around this time I started experiencing headaches that have never left me.

Over the past 24 years I was reviewed by several specialists and continued to attend physiotherapy and massage once a week each for the past 15 years. I also attended acupuncture and other therapies to try and reduce my symptoms. I even had a breast reduction to see if this would reduce the pressure on my neck and reduce my headache.

In 2015 my doctor suggested I see Dr Kanji who has just started working in Auckland. He went over all my old X-rays and scans to see what was causing my pain. Even my neck X-ray as early as 1996 showed a very straight neck with narrowing of one of my discs.

Dr Kanji said that the MRI scan of my neck showed two discs in the mid to lower neck that were black and also slightly narrowed. He said my neck was also straight and this may be placing excessive pressure on the lower discs in my neck. He advised me some postural changes to take pressure off the discs in my neck by having better head posture. I also used the traction collar which was a blow up collar similar to a blood pressure cuff which I found very useful. In three weeks my headaches were gone and I noticed my pain localised into the back of my neck. I was sleeping better; I changed my pillow which has helped me sleep and the amount of painkillers I take has reduced over 90%.

I am very thankful that my doctor referred me to Dr Kanji and that he’s got to the bottom of the problem. He found the cause of my headaches rather than prescribe more medicines to take.

T Maxwell, Auckland

2015 Low back pain, groin pain and leg pain

I’ve worked as a nurse for 51 years. Back in the 1970s I remember first developing low back pain. Over the next 40 years the pain became increasingly worse and constant. I also noted that it didn’t take much to upset my low back pain and then it would carry on for weeks and I’d be very miserable because of the pain and reduced ability to carry out activities.

Over the years I sought help with my pain that included several different types of health providers to try and help with my low back pain. In the end the pain just increased and forced me to retire from my job as a nurse. I could no longer stand the pain with sitting, standing twisting and bending. I could also no longer lift anything heavy or stretch and reach out for objects as my pain would get worse.

I first sought Dr Kanji’s help in October 2012 when I was referred by another specialist to see him. Dr Kanji sent me off for an MRI scan so that we could find out what was going on. The MRI scan came back and showed marked changes as seen in the picture. After this time I tried many conservative treatments including traction and changed my posture to reduce the pressure on the spine. Overall this did help me, however my pain did keep coming back. Dr Kanji referred me to try and have an operation, however it was deemed that my symptoms weren’t bad enough to have an assessment. In the end I needed morphine to control my pain however this had some side effects and I wasn’t very happy about continuing with this. Dr Kanji then referred me to a neurosurgeon and on the 4th June I had an operation for my low back.

Three weeks later I feel the weight of the world has been lifted off my shoulders; my back feels a lot lighter and I’m certainly sleeping better. I can now do things that I could never do before without the same exacerbation of pain. I am very thankful for the specialist referring me to The Sports and Pain Clinic and seeing Dr Kanji and his associates including the physiotherapists and acupuncturists at the clinic. The support and care I received has been amazing.

Valerie Johnstone, Wellington

May 2015 Low back pain, groin pain and leg pain

I presented with pain in both my legs and back which started after a car accident in June 2013. Just my luck, I was stationery at a stop light and a car went straight into the back of me. All I can remember is the almighty “thud”. My hands were forced off the steering wheel and my seat broke during the accident. Ever since this accident I have been plagued by back pain, groin pain and leg pain. I have been walking bent over for the past few years. I have been walking like the hunchback of Notre Dame as whenever I walk straight the pain would shoot down my legs. I worked at a call centre and had to get up every 10 to 15 minutes to stretch. My sleep has also suffered for the past few years.

After being fed up with seeing people I went to google and thought I would go and see Dr Kanji at the Sports and Pain Clinic. Initially I was sent for hip x rays to exclude these as a source of my symptoms. I was then sent for an MRI scan and then Dr Kanji quickly worked out what was wrong and that I was in danger. He showed me on the television screens on the wall my disc in my back was narrowed and the space where my nerves exit was significantly narrowed. At this stage I was also experiencing numbness in my bottom region. He quickly sent me to the Neurosurgeons at Wellington Hospital and a few days later they performed an operation.

After the operation my leg symptoms are certainly much better and I can walk straighter and certainly feeling a lot better. I’m glad I went to see Dr Kanji as well as Dr McMahon at The Sports and Pain Clinic. It was very reassuring to get the scans so I knew what was wrong and more importantly I’m glad things didn’t get any worse, as I was told by the surgeons at the hospital that things could have been a lot worse if this wasn’t diagnosed quickly. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Dr Kanji.

October 2014 Low back pain
I have experienced low back pain muscle spasm that has been severe for the last 20 years. Over this time I have been trying to find something to help me and have presented to five different types of specialists in a search to relieve my symptoms. I have seen neurologists, otrthopaedic surgeons, as well as other types of therapists including physiotherapy, osteopathy, chiropractic and even a psychologist, as I was advised that it may be psychological. I have slept poorly for this time and my quality of life has reduced significantly. I have been unable to do the things I wanted to do including travelling around the country with my wife. I worked as a diesel mechanic and in 1999 had to sell my business because I could no longer work. I have not worked since 1999 and have suffered symptoms every day since then.

I was living in a bus in Picton and my doctor advised me to travel to Wellington to see Dr Kanji after reading his book, Fix Your Back. In October 2014 I saw Dr Kanji and he ordered an MRI scan of my back so that we could find out what was going on. He also suggested that we have some injections of anaesthetic and saline as there was significant muscle tenderness present.

After the injections which were performed under ultrasound guidance, so the doctor knew exactly where the needle was going, I had the two best days for 20 years. I slept well, had very little pain and the muscle spasms had reduced.

And to top it off, my scan showed that my discs were very good. He showed me on the big screen my back and I saw that my discs had good height, and even had a bit of water in them. I think it is obvious now that somehow the muscle pain had kept going for this long and no one had been able to treat it. I am so pleased I travelled to Wellington and I feel I have a new lease of life.

I returned to Dr Kanji two weeks later. I was able to drive to Castlepoint for the first time in 20 years and walk up the dune hills. I have had slept well and am taking no painkillers.

Christian Boshoff, Picton

June 2014 Low Back Pain
I first saw Dr Kanji in November 2013 with severe lower back and right leg pain from a recent injury. I have experienced constant back pain for over 30 years, since I was about 19. The only exercise I did was walking, as most other forms of exercise caused more pain.

When I saw Dr Kanji in February of this year, he advised me to stop walking and go to the swimming pool for 45 minutes, 5 days a week. Not only would this help my back, but would also help to lose weight.
Over the last 4 months, I have lost 13 kg and I am starting to feel better and fitter and my back pain is also improving.

Marion Upper Hutt

May 2013- Achilles Tendonitis right and left leg

I had an accident in October 2011, when I tripped in a pothole playing golf and injured my right Achilles tendon, which has since given me ongoing severe pain. Despite dozens of sessions at physiotherapy and acupuncture my symptoms continued. I even went to a sports specialist in the middle of 2012 and was given an injection under ultrasound by the local radiologist, but this only provided me short term relief and my symptoms didn’t improve significantly to allow me to return to normal activity.

In December 2012, things took a turn for the worst, when I was climbing down a stool and sustained a left Achilles tendon injury. If that wasn’t bad enough – to make matters worse, the next day I was out shopping and twisted awkwardly, and tore my Achilles tendon on the right side. With both legs now incapacitated, I was admitted to hospital for three days and discharged on Xmas Eve with a plaster cast on my right leg for a month, my left leg in a moonboot and required to use crutches. With the crutches I found it very difficult to work as I wasn’t able to drive and was totally dependent on family and friends to do anything.

By this time I was feeling a little stir-crazy, I wasn’t able to work, I wasn’t sleeping well, unable to exercise and the stress of dealing with ACC and healthcare providers was getting me down.
About 8 months ago my brother told me to go to Wellington from Hamilton to visit Dr Giresh Kanji, who has been doing some research on tendon injections. My brother had previuosly had Achilles tendon problems and after visiting Dr Kanji, he fixed them within a few visits. As I lived in Hamilton I thought gosh, that’s a long way to go and I doubted that anything could really help me, given that I was already consulting a reputable medical specialist in Hamilton.

I came down to Wellington for Christmas 2012 and my brother suggested again to go and see Dr Kanji. By March 2013, still on crutches and in two moonboots and exasperated beyond belief with little improvement in sight, I finally decided to incure the cost of an airfare and trip to Wellington to visit Dr Kanji. Dr Kanji agreed to squeeze me to an already fully booked schedule in order to give me the opportunity for a consultation and I was very pleased to be seen by him. He examined both my Achilles tendons under ultrasound guidance – and this is the first doctor in New Zealand who is a pain specialist or sports specialist who has ultrasound in his rooms that I have seen – and showed me the problems. He showed me that both tendons were thickened and had new blood vessels. He explained that the new blood vessels often create sensitivity to the tendon and also make it swell and it’s really the outcome of a failed healing response.

I had injections into both of my tendons on that very first visit – and thank God Dr Kanji injected me straight away – as normally he would show me what treatments are available and wait for me to return for a second consultation. As he knew that I was visiting him from Hamilton he was happy to provide me with some immediate relief on this first visit.
I returned to Hamilton and within a couple of days the pain was significantly relieved and I was able to take off my left moonboot and start to walk normally again and within a couple of weeks the right moonboot was also taken off. I started wearing some heels as advised by Dr Kanji, as these helped to relieve the Achilles tendon pain and I was able to walk around on both feet. Within a month of seeing Dr Kanji I can say I felt at least 70% improvement in my symptoms.

Even though I worried about the practicalities of travel to Wellington, including the cost of travel and the cost of seeing Dr Kanji, I was fortunate in that my left Achilles tendon had been granted ACC cover so it did not cost me to see Dr Kanji for my left Achilles tendon as I had a referral from my doctor.

I am so glad that I went to see Dr Kanji and my only regret is that I did not act on this visit sooner. My life has now changed with the treatments I have been given and I can look forward to going back to playing golf and doing the things I used to love. Moreover the pain that I was experiencing on a daily basis, stopping me sleeping and doing things, ruining my concentration and generally making me feel miserable has now subsided and I am almost back to full health. I would recommend anyone who is experiencing Achilles tendon pain to visit Dr Kanji for a consultation because his treatments really do work.

Alyson Threadgold, Hamilton

May 2013- Neck pain

I had neck pain for a few years. You see I was assaulted at a rugby game where my granddaughter was being assaulted. I went to help her and was thrown to the ground and kicked in the head several times. My neck shoulders and head started to hurt every day since this time. As well as pain I feel pins and needles and numbness in my arms and hands, and I cannot sleep due to the pain. I used to work at the Salvation Army store but have not returned to work since the assault. The medication I was taking included codeine and panadol did not seem to help much.
My doctor referred me to Dr Kanji. I live in Lower Hutt and he lives in Wellington. I was not sure if I could afford to make the journey to see him, let alone his fee. Fortunately my daughter drove me to the appointment, bless her soul.

Dr Kanji listened to my problems and then showed me my neck X-ray on the big LCD screen in his room. I have never seen this before and could see everything in so much detail. He showed me some narrowing at the base of my neck which he said might be the source of my pain.

I then had slide shows telling me about the neck. They showed what structures in the neck could create pain, the postures that increase pain and the postures that reduce pain. I was prescribed a soft collar to wear intermittently and given home exercises and started sleeping with the peace pillow.
Within two weeks my neck pain was much better. I was sleeping without waking as the peace pillow placed my neck in a much better position. I can’t thank Dr Kanji and his staff enough. I cannot believe how quickly the pain went away. I am so glad I made the trip to Wellington. I am glad my Doctor referred me to him. What is even better is that all the costs of my visit to Dr Kanji were covered by ACC. Furthermore I have stopped the codeine and panadol. It feels good to know what is wrong and how to manage it myself.

Hinewai Tutahi, Naenae

April 2013- Back and Hip Pain
“I had been to several doctors after I injured my back two years ago. I was carrying a ladder and slipped and landed on my buttock. I had a sore back and pain traveled down my right leg. I went to see my doctor, then a chiropractor (whom after several visits told me it was my neck) and then a spinal surgeon. On the first visit to spinal surgeon after having an X-ray of my hip and an MRI of my back, I was told “ I was fine” With these words from the spinal surgeon and his report to the ACC I was subsequently refused further ACC paid treatment as well as any financial help which I should have been entitled to. I was not fine and went back to the surgeon having paid for an MRI scan myself only to be told by the spinal surgeon that there was absolutely nothing wrong with me and he used the words “case dismissed.” He said this without giving me any diagnoses.

I felt utterly lost and to make matters worse the surgeons decision and report to ACC cost myself and my family $30,000 to sustain us over this very difficult and exceptionally painful period. Because of my injury and the pain I was unable to stand and walk for any period of time. This led to me being unable to sustain a job. The medication – tramadol that I was given by my GP made me mentally sluggish and slow but still did not fix the pain. In desperation I went to see a registered acupuncturist who gave me treatment and sold me some fish oil tablets – surprisingly this didn’t work. I then went to another specialist – a sports doctor who having read the previous spinal surgeons report had made his mind up that there was indeed nothing wrong and then preceded without any diagnoses of his own to support the surgeons report. This sports doctor prescribed more drugs which were even more powerful than the tramadol and again did not fix the pain.

I was doubtful that anyone could really help me anymore and had to leave a good job. I could no longer stand or walk or move heavy objects. I went to my doctor again and he recommended I see Dr Kanji, Musculoskeletal Pain Specialist. I thought I would give it one more try with the doctors, what did I have to lose.

In fact it was the best decision I ever made. The doc immediately diagnosed that my hip was the likely source of my pain and ordered an MRI scan of my hip. He told me that an x-ray does not show enough hip detail to rule out injuries to the hip joint. The MRI scan showed that part of the hip joint had impacted on another part when I fell and this explained my symptoms. Furthermore he even was able to inject the hip under ultrasound. The injection immediately alleviated my pain and helped settle my symptoms to where I could stop taking my painkillers.

If you thought having found the source of my pain and providing relief was not enough, all the costs were covered by ACC. I could not believe this was fully covered by ACC. After spending two years in the wilderness I finally found out what is wrong with me. A clear diagnose is like gold Dr Kanji is a down to earth very practical man, it was refreshing to meet with someone whom spoke plainly and was prepared to get to the bottom of my problem. I found Dr Kanji to be extremely focused and he follows through on his word with no procrastination with anything he said he would do. I really liked his easy explanations and seeing the scan on the big screen in his room helped me understand what is wrong with me. If you suffer from pain and do not know what is wrong I recommend you go see Dr Kanji as he will get to the bottom of it fairly smartly

Bill Strang, Lower Hutt

April 2013 Neck Pain and leg weakness
“I have several health problems and had seen many specialists over the years. Even though my brother is a medical specialist and urged me to see Dr Kanji two years ago I resisted as I truly thought there was nothing that he could do for me.

I had neck pain, headaches, arm pain and weakness. Ten years ago I had trouble walking due to weakness which over time gradually got worse to the point that around 18 months ago was needing a wheelchair to mobilise. I was spending more days in bed with severe headaches and back and neck pain than I was going to work. I was having gut problems due to all the pain medications I was on.

Finally I went to see Dr Kanji as my neck pain and weakness were getting worse and I was at the point of being unable to work. Firstly Dr Kanji explained to me my scan findings and showed me the scans on the television screens on the wall. He then advised me about neck pain and explained the relevance of the injury I had many years ago when I was trampled by a horse. He then advised me about the structure and function of the neck and gave me home exercises. I also started a series of multiple injections into the muscles along my neck and back. He said the muscle spasm was severe and would take longer to improve without injections.

After a series of three of four treatments my neck pain and headaches were subsiding. It was good to be able to sleep again after several years of disturbed sleep. Slowly over six months my symptoms began to improve significantly. I am unsure but my neck must have been related to my inability to walk because once the neck pain and headaches subsided I could walk better and am no longer reliant on my wheelchair. I had many months of intense physio to bring my muscle weakness back to normal but here I am wallking again and working full time.

My only regret was that I did not go to Dr Kanji earlier. Instead I wasted several years and many thousands of dollars as I traipsed from one specialist to another.
From my experience I now hold Dr Kanji in high regard for his expertise in assessment and treatment and also for his kind and respectful manner. Dr Kanji has a strong focus on patient education and working together in a collaborative manner. The results achieved as a direct outcome of my being under Dr Kanjis care have been outstanding and life changing”.

Jil Coutts, Lower Hutt
March 2013- Low Back Pain, Slipped Disc

I am a widower with three young children who was working as a nurse last year. In September 2012 I developed low back pain with left leg pain. I Worked as nurse performing heavy lifting of patients. I saw my GP as well as a physiotherapist. An x ray of my lower back was taken and showed nothing. I did not recall the exact incident that caused my low back pain but placed a claim for lower back pain caused by gradual process injury due to my job lifting patients. I was bedridden for several months with low back pain and leg weakness. I went to see Dr Kanji on the 21st of December and he ordered an MRI scan to be performed on the same day. The scan showed a large slipped disc and Dr Kanji phoned the specialist at Wellington Hospital. On Boxing day I had an operation to remove the slipped disc which made me feel a lot better. I emailed Dr Kanji to thank him. I share my story and emails and scans below.”

Dear Dr. Giresh,
First of all, I would like to express my deepest gratitude for all you have done for me. Me and my friend couldn’t help our tears while you were combating the ACC people for me. Finally, after three months of struggle, I met a doctor who showed genuine concern over my condition. I felt great relief as if my problem has been half-solved in just few minutes! You seemed to me my hero!
When I first consulted a GP on the 19th of October, he did not agree for an ACC claim, he said its hard to rule out the cause of my pain. He just gave me pain medication and then increased the dose on my second visit when I claimed no relief.

Dr. Giresh, if not for my strong faith in Jehovah God & that I’ve got three dependent children, I could have ended my life. The pain is unbearable such that If I’ve got a gun beside me, I could have shot myself – that’s how painful it is for a long time.

As you already know, I have been to Wellington ED three times and all they care about is the temporary relief. I even begged them to help me find the real cause of my problem. I have been to Chiropractor, regular Physiotherapist (who later gave up thinking I do not show any improvement in more than a month), and also tried accupuncture. Because I was desperate to get well, I tried milk with garlic, clay, etc. I made every effort to find the solution.. I lodge a complain to CCDHB that I could not access the treatment I longed for but nothing much happened. When I finally got my Orthopaedic specialist appointment on the 13th of December who requested an urgent MRI. I waited and followed up after 5 days- the urgent MRI takes 6 weeks to wait or longer due to holiday season That would be around mid February and another 2-3 weeks wait to get another Specialist appointment. I felt hopeless!!

I was almost losing my sanity thinking how I will be able to carry on waiting. I am so worried not only about my helpless condition but also about my children. May I also tell you that 3 weeks ago, my 16-year-old daughter was found to have toxic levels of thyroid hormones. She was rushed to Wellington ED on the 2nd of December and immediately got Endocrinologist appointment. She’s on high dose of Carbimazole and weekly blood test.

I am so blessed that a sister (Bromwyn) from our congregation gave me your name and when I contacted your clinic last Tuesday, I was amazed at how much time you spent answering my queries. On that same day, I phoned my GP, I asked him some advice and help whenever possible. I told him my condition and I don’t think I can wait any longer. I asked him whether I’ve got other options to expedite the waiting process – the MRI, specialist attention and what to do with my declined ACC. His reply is enough to make me feel HOPELESS “There is nothing much I can do for you. I am so sorry Lana. It is the New Zealand Health system. I already did my best. Your condition is not their priority because you still don’t have neurological signs – you are still urinating and moving bowels. In fact, the disc problem will definitely heal on its own”.

I completely disagree, three months of sciatic pain is enough to know whether I have some improvement. But I would say, I am deteriorating. I even asked his opinion about seeing a Pain Specialist in Wellington and he firmly said “No, don’t go there. I myself can give you such pain injection…” I am left with no choice and just wait.. its terrible.

Of course I knew I should not stop there. Me and my family always pray hard for God’s direction. From the moment I entered your clinic last Friday, I felt you are God’s answer to our prayers.
May I also tell you that I myself contacted Pacific Radiology for privately arranged MRI – as of 18th of December, they do not have available booking until the 3rd week of January 2013. And there you are in just few minutes you got everything sorted for me. I certainly cannot thank you enough Dr. Giresh!

I still got pain but I am full of hope. I am so overwhelmed with what you have done making my problem half-solved. I am really very happy! Finally, I found someone who cares!
Dr. Giresh, if possible will you push that ACC for me without a need to see my GP? After all he said, I don’t trust him now. I really don’t think he would be able to fight for me the way you do. Please help me. Will you continue to be my hero until I resolve my condition? I honestly think my GP doesn’t know what he was saying. I am begging for help!
My heartfelt thanks Dr. Giresh!

Yours truly

Lana Cabahug, Paraparaumu

Back and Leg pain

“I have suffered from buttock pain when sitting for over 20 years, and for the past five years have experienced painful pins and needles and numbness of my leg and foot while standing and walking. The pain of the latter became so severe that I could no longer walk except for short distances with frequent rests, and my quality of life was greatly compromised. I have seen many health professionals including specialists to try and alleviate the problem, but extensive x-rays, scans and nerve studies failed to find the source of the pain. After searching on Google I wondered if I might have piriformis syndrome.
I was referred to Dr Giresh Kanji by another specialist to try and solve the problem as I am due to fly to the UK to meet a new grandchild soon, and sitting aggravates my pain significantly. He checked my back scans and other tests and showed me the scans which helped me understand my condition. He also phoned the radiologist and discussed my scans to see if the piriformis muscle was involved. The sciatic nerve did not run within the piriformis muscle which discounts a diagnosis of piriformis syndrome and precludes the need for surgery. However he advised me that the sciatic nerve is likely to be catching in the buttock region rather than gliding especially when I walk. When it is irritated it creates pins and needles and then numbness down the leg.

After years of seeing many specialists and having so many tests it is a huge relief to me to finally have an explanation of my condition that makes sense. It is exciting for me that treatment aimed at the cause has led to some improvement already. I feel at long last that I am regaining my life, and for this I am profoundly grateful.”

Anne Brown, Johnsonville, June 2011
Knee and leg pain and pins and needles

I was working full time at a jewellers and one day had a fall on uneven concrete when taking out the rubbish in 2004. I experienced sharp and burning pain over the right thigh and knee. I was walking with a limp and some days could not even walk 20 meters. Before this fall I was walking 12 km regularly and had lost lots of weight in my quest to get fit. I gained 18kg in weight as I had to stop exercising because of the severe pain. I even had to stop going to the gym which I enjoyed.

I went to all the usual treatment and was even reviewed by a surgeon. An X Ray of my knee, ultrasound and MRI scan of the right knee was performed and an operation was tried that made the pain worse for the next year. I even had to stop work in August 2010. I was there for over 10 years and really enjoyed the job and people contact.

The pain was sharp, burning and like a needle. It was there all the time, even when I was sitting and sleeping. I did not even have a few minutes rest from the pain. I was taking five tablets of amitriptyline that caused me to be drowsy most of the day and during the day I took gabapentin 500mg three times a day. Despite all these tablets I could hardly walk and it was impossible for me to return to work.

I had exhausted all possibilities when I was referred to Dr Giresh Kanji by my doctor. I went to see Dr Kanji who took time to listen and then he tried to figure out what was wrong. He showed me my scans and then a slide show on the nerves supplying the leg. He said a nerve in my hip region may be irritated from the fall and cause the burning over the knee. He injected steroid and anesthetic around the nerve.

To my surprise a few days later the pain was almost completely gone. I was able to walk without a limp and felt better than I had in years. In fact seven years it took to diagnose and treat my pain. Even better was the fact that I did not have to pay as my treatment was covered by ACC as my problem was a result of an injury that was covered by ACC. I now have hope for the future and returning to exercise and getting back to work. I am so glad that my doctor referred me to Dr Kanji.”

Kathleen Perkins, Upper Hutt, June 2011

Migraine headaches

“I went to see Dr Kanji in May 2011, with migraine and neck pain which started when I slipped over the kitchen mat and hit the back of my head against the kitchen cupboard handle 18 months ago. I had the occasional headaches prior to this accident, but now needed pethidine and other injections as often as three times a week from the emergency department for migraine. The whole day was a write off when I had severe headache/migraine and neck pain. I had to stop work and was unable to perform many activities and had great difficulty in looking after my two young children. My sleep was a mess.

I had x rays and scans of my head and neck but was advised there was nothing wrong. On my first appointment with Dr Kanji he asked me lots of questions about my pain, examined me and then looked at my scans and x-rays. He then showed me on the large screen in his room the x rays and scans and after taking measurements on my scan he felt the neck pain was causing my symptoms and spreading into my head.

He better explained my neck pain and what aggravates it and what can help it by using a slide show. He then gave me home exercises for the neck and performed some treatments. I also wore a soft collar to help my neck pain and within two weeks I had returned to work. For the past five months my migraine symptoms have been much better and the amount of emergency treatment required has reduced by 99%. I am enjoying getting back to work and exercising. I am so grateful to Dr Kanji for finding the cause of my pain and helping me solve it. After taking so many drugs it was awesome that the treatment was mostly home exercises and included no regular drug therapy.

Dr Kanji states that pain can be a mystery. He is currently near completion of his PhD on pain and in particular headache pain. He states this has taught him about the pain pathways and fitting this knowledge into everyday practice. This has allowed him to explain to patients what is the source of their pain, how to reduce it and how to stop making it worse. The biggest problem for people with pain is that they do not know the cause of it. Dr Kanji has started working at The Sports and Pain Clinic together with physiotherapists and other practitioners to provide a comprehensive service for those people suffering from pain.”

Katrina Jeffries

Tension-Type Headache for 10 years

“Headaches started in 2000 and she recalled no injury at the start of the headaches. She was not sleeping and suffered significant stress symptoms and was intolerant to noise and crowds. She suffered panic attacks and when faced with the public she would quickly have an exacerbation of her headache.

The headaches were in the temple. She went to have an infrared scan and paid 700 dollars but had no improvement in her symptoms. She went to India in july 2005 for six months trying to look for a cure.

She started attending the sauna and had saline injections. The headache subsided but she then noticed her pain settling to the cervical spine. An x ray showed a reduced disc space in the cervical spine that is the likely cause of her neck pain that has been referring into the head for over 10 years.”

Nayna Ranchod