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Brain Connections

$ 36.00

The book explores the role of childhood trauma, stress, and the links between stress-related symptoms and fatigue, concentration and dementia. In the book, he outlines the five habits that reduce the activity of the stress brain and improve insomnia, anxiety and depression.

Fix Your Back

$ 30.00

This book is written to help you understand and manage your low back pain. Most people with lower back pain have recurrences of pain over years and decades. This book explains the investigations available for lower back pain (X-rays & MRI scans), postures required to preserve your back and treatment options. This book is full colour gloss and easy to read.

Fix Your Neck Pain Headache Migraine

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Learn why you develop neck pain, headache and migraine. Learn how the neck influences your headaches and migraines. This book explains how stress chemicals increase your pain and how to reduce stress chemicals. Discover why these three conditions occur together and how to alleviate them without reaching for pills.

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Neck Collar

$ 30.00

The neck traction collar is an excellent self treatment device for neck pain. Just pump up the collar and feel the stretch and relief from your neck pain. Keep it pumped up for five minutes and repeat several times a day. The package includes full instructions